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Radiant photography by Cozmic Dave. Here, you will discover delightful images of scenes, and natural life, from  The Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire & Monmouthshire. Different regions incorporate  Devon, DorsetCornwall, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, PembrokeshirePowys, ShropshireSomerset, West Glamorgan, Wiltshire, & Worcestershire.  Photographs taken in The Gambia are  also  included. Enjoy!


Cozmic Dave B.A. (hons) Interactive Arts is a photographer residing in The Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK. His passion for photography concentrates mostly on Landscape and Wildlife, ­ nonetheless as his practice perpetuates, a variety of subjects continue to be explored.
Photographs of Steam Trains, and other forms of Convey, Churches, and Musical Entertainers have recently been integrated to the website.

Dave commenced his photographic aptitude in 2009, ending a highly prosperous vocation in the music industry.

Exhibitions of his work are on show in The Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire.
If you would like to purchase or interested in displaying his artwork please utilize the 'CONTACT' button to submit any proposals or enquiries.

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COZMICDAVE.COM commenced @ 6.30pm (London Time Zone) 14/02/2014.
This website and All images contained within it are © Copyright Cozmic Dave 2009-18. All rights reserved.

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Swans and Cygnets at Cannop Ponds


Green-banded Swallowtail - Papilio palinurus Moth








Wild Boar


Forest Of Dean

Cannop Ponds

River Severn

River Severn

Wye Valley

Wye Valley View

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Other UK Subjects



West Glamorgan



Eastfield 001 (May 2015)

Newnham Bells Restoration Project


Steam Trains


Photographs taken in The Gambia


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Other Projects (non photographic)

Petition:  Give the Royal Forest of Dean an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)status

The Forest of Dean, 'Britain's favourite Forest', should be acknowledged as an area of outstanding natural beauty. AONB is land protected by the Countryside and enhance its natural beauty. Please help us protect this unique area.

Despite meeting ALL the official requirements and, the Wye Valley being AONB, the Forest of Dean has still not yet been given this crucial status that it deserves. The forest is home to a wealth of fungi, flora, fauna and wildlife, including rare species such as the Peregrine Falcon. The Royal Forest of Dean has won many awards including being recently voted 'Britain’s Favourite Forest'. We strongly urge you to support this petition to ensure the protection of this unique and ancient area.


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