Moko Camara



This is the ultimate option to gain experience on a higher level of drumming. Week 1 will be with Moko Camara where he will teach you any rhythm you ask for. You will learn all parts for the whole rhythm on the Dun Dun, Sangban, and Kenkeni. Each part will be taught on each drum individually and together ballet style. All of the djembe parts to the song will be taught too. by the end of the week, you should be able to walk away with most of the (if not all) song.

Moko also encourages you to video him so that you can carry on learning in your own time. If you do wish to video, please keep the video private and tip him with extra Dalasi as his only income is teaching and playing in the band 'Badeya during the tourist season' (mid November - end of January).

In the evenings there are many places with entertainment. Moko will invite you to come along and see him play in his band 'Badeya'. He may even get you up on stage to join them if he feels you are capable to keep a steady rhythm. 

Badeya are a 16 piece African cultural dance group (Cozmic Dave also joins them too!) who play all the best venues in and around The Gambia. You can purchase the latest DVD and CD here on this website (click on the photo).

Week two will be leaving Moko and heading further down the coast to the beautiful beach of Gunjur. Here you will be trained by Buntas (above) and Lamin at Bolongbaa.

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