W3: How To Produce A Calendar - COZMIC DAVE PHOTOGRAPHY

How to produce your own A4 size Calendar

The course can run for 2 days (4 hours per day) or for 5 x 2 hour sessions per week.

Each student or photography group will need to supply a USB Stick with a quantity of 12 jpeg images with the files named 01Jan, 02Feb, - 12Dec  etc  (1 x photo for each month of the calendar year).

Please note: All files will be uploaded onto the tutor's laptop and then saved upon completion onto your usb stick.

You can use your own computer if you wish to do so but not neccessary.

All images remain the property and copyright of the photographer.    

What you will learn

1) You will learn how to resize your photos and convert them to the necessary pixel requirements, correct colour code (i.e converting JPEG files to CMYK) etc.

2) How to improve the look of your chosen photographs for the calendar using Adobe Lightroom.

3) How to upload and mount your photos onto the calendar pages, resize and fit them using Adobe Photoshop.

4) How to create the front and index pages by adding text and images to the ready made templates.

5) Saving your files and naming them correctly for uploading to the calendar company website.

6) How to open an account with the calendar manufacturers, order  and purchase online.

Calendar Pages

Page 1 (Front Cover Sample)

Page 2 (Inside Cover Sample)

Page 3 (January)

Page 4 (Blank)

Page 5 (February)

Page 6 (Blank)

Page 7 (March)

Page 8 (Blank)

Page 9 (April)

Page 10 (Blank)

Page 11 (May)

Page 12 (Blank)

Page 13 (June)

Page 14 (Blank)

Page 15 (July)

Page 16 (Blank)

Page 17 (August)

Page 18 (Blank)

Page 19 (September)

Page 20 (Blank)

Page 21 (October)

Page 22 (Blank)

Page 23 (November)

Page 24 (Blank)

Page 25 (December)

Page 26 (Blank)

This section of the page is currently under construction

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